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Trump administration apparently discussed “golpe” against Nicolás Maduro

by G.G. #Venezuela twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Golpe



The Trump Administration might have secretly discussed golpe‘s plan against the former taxi driver now Venezuela’s dictator Nicolás Maduro helding secret meetings with rebellious military officers from Venezuela in the last twelve months.

The no-more-secret news came directly from American officials and a former military who participated in the secret talks to overthrow the President of the southamerican country dominated by Catsor’s family.

According to the NYT, the White House declined to answer detailed questions about the talks but admitted in a statement the importance of being engaged, or maybe they say, the importance of engage in “dialogue with all Venezuelans who demonstrate a desire for democracy”.

United States as a long sad tradition of previous rebellions, golpes and many other attempts in other south-americans country as like Cuba, Nicaragua, Brazil and Chile, and for turning a blind eye to the abuses military regimes, they established, committed during the Cold War.



(9th september, 2018)

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