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Iranian Attack against Kurdish Minority

by Azadi #FreeIran twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #humanrights



The Iranian Kurdish minority is again – bravely – protesting against regime’s oppression. Their protest arrived after two important facts:

  1. the execution of three Kurdish prisoners on September 8. The three were condemned to the death penalty and executed, despite serious concerns regarding the use of torture and forced confession against them;
  2. the Iranian missile attack on Kurdish dissidents in Northern Iraq. The IRGC have fired seven missiles against the headquarters of the PDKI, the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan.

After these attacks, the Kurdish minority in the Western Iran have decided to protest peacefully, declaring a mass strike, and closing their shops. The regime’s reaction was terrible: not only the IRGC have arrested many civil rights activists, but the security forces decided also to mark with a colored spray, all the shops of the Kurdish merchants, like the Nazi did with the shops of the Jews, in 1933.

This terrible action of the Iranian regime remained unpunished. Not a single word of condemnation arrived for the “champions of the human rights”, like Mrs. Federica Mogherini, always available to speak when it is necessary to defend the JCPOA and to attack the US President Trump. Shame on her!



(17th september, 2018)

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