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Vienna is the “most liveable city” in the world

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Having toppled Melbourne in the special reserved rank, Vienna won the gold medal and is the “most liveable city” in the world. Thwy must be proud. And happy. They will probably smile. If you can define smile that kind of grin Austrian put on their face when they want to show how happy they are.

But the city is beautiful. And quiet. And clean. And Vienna. Ask Midge Ure if you don’t believe us.

So this is the fact: Austria’s capital Vienna has beaten Melbourne to be ranked the “world’s most liveable city” in a new annual survey released Monday, ending Melbourne’s seven-year reign.

It is the first time a European metropolis has topped the annual chart compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit which identifies the best urban playgrounds to live and work in. Maybe we’ll have other European cities as winner in the next few years. I am afraid, it won’t be Rome.



(14th August, 2018)

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