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Malaysia’s Human Rights Commission does not support same-sex marriage

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According to daily LGBT’s news  site Gaystarnews.com Malaysia’s Human Rights Commission said it does not support same sex-marriage: In fact the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia, Suhakam, denied that it is working towards legalizing same-sex marriage clarifying they are working to give everyone the same ‘basic’ rights under the Federal Constitution.

Malaysia’s Human Rights Commission statement comes in response to the country’s prime minister Mahathir Mohamad who had indicated that Suhakam was working towards LGBT equality and same-sex marriage, which the prime minister maintained as “unacceptable” in Malaysia – reminding, at the same time, that “West values” are different from “ours”.

“We cannot accept” said prime minister Matahir “for example, LGBT, or marriage between men and men, women and women. Our concept of family remains the same, that couples with children, with their own children, is a family, even adopted children. But two men or two women is not considered a family”.


(23rd september, 2018)

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