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Iran Theocracy publicly hanged man for being gay

by Ragazzi di Tehran #English twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #FreeIran


The Iranian news agency ISNA, reported a terrible news: on December 20, 2018, a man was publicly hanged in Iran – in the city of Kazeroon – on charge of sodomy.

In the Iranian penal system “sodomy”, is the tipical charge used to condemn homosexuals. As well known, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, being gay it is not only forbidden, but it is considered a sin, which must be severely punished. On the contrary, the regime allows to a gay person to change sex [sic] in an horrible confusion between being gay and being transexual. of course people who decided to change  sex, is after the surgery usually condemned to remain on the margin of the society, far from the family and forced to prostitute to survive.

The last hanging in Kazeroon, it is another of the dozen of daily news about human rights abuses in Iran. Despite all the information given by the human rights activists, but also by the Iranian news agencies, the EU continues to choose the business with Tehran, instead of the protection of the democratic values. It is a shamefull behavior, the poisoned fruit of the terrible years of Lady Mogherini in charge.



(29 gennaio 2019)

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