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Indonesian earthquake killed 555 people and left 1,500 injured


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The string of deadly earthquakes that strikes Indonesia’s Lombok island in the last few days killed 555 people and injured nearly 1,500, according to informations provided by Indonesiam disaster agency the last friday Friday, and left hundreds of thousands homeless.

Lombock island is been shaked by two deadly quakes on July 29 and August 5 and on Sunday 19 by a string of fresh tremors and aftershocks, with the strongest measuring 6.9 magnitude. According to Indonesia’s disaster agency most of the deaths occurred in the northern part of Lombok, with several also killed in neighbouring Sumbawa island and about 390,000 left displaced and with no place to go.

Aid organizations have warned that access to food, shelter and clean water is insufficient for some residents displaced by the disasters. Rebuilding costs are estimated in 478 million US dollars.



(25 agosto 2018)

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