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Hungarian dictator Orban denies food to the asylum seekers

by G.G. #Hungary twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #HumanRights



The ashaming for the entire human race Hungarian government has decided – under Mr. Orbán pressure – to stop giving food to asylum seekers. Is another new inhumane low by refusing food to people in their custody and another vicious attack of the liberty of human beings and EU rules.

Hungarian must be firmly invited to leave European Union together with the countries of the named Visregard group working until Putin’s suggestion to disgregate European Union being part of european Union. It is a new Mr. Orbán move to force asylum seekers to leave Hungary.

Since 2015, the Viktor Orbán government has engaged in a virulent campaign against migrants and asylum seekers, including efforts to demonize organizations that provide legal and humanitarian assistance to these groups assisted in this by the four of Visregard as well as the new far-right Italian governement.

On August 10, the European Court of Human Rights ordered Hungarian authorities to resume food distribution for asylum seekers that filed complaints. We don’t know, at the moment, if they started feeding them or not.



(24 agosto 2018)

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