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The gang of populists desperately trying to govern Italy is the real nation’s tragedy

Genoa (Italy) photo: Il Secolo XIX

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Populist Italian government strikes again. After Genoa bridge collapse of the last 14th August the far right populism in charge is looking for revenge. This is why they are where they are: revenge.

As the daily british magazine The Indipendent states in an article you must read:

…These ugly arguments in Italy remind the Italian people and the wider European community that the country is embarked upon a uniquely dangerous exercise… (…) it is in Italy that the clownishness and denigration of normal political debate is being played out with the most risk and danger…

Italy’s clownesque populism seems to act to destabilize european politics and European Union, we doesn’t have to be pro-EU to remark this point. A populism that starts to use every single national tragedy – there are lots, in the last 25 years nobody did nothing to save the country from the people Italians stupidly voted without realize who they were, and why they were going while electing them.

That’s Italy. And Italy seems to be perfect expample of the failure of most of European Union politics: the most EU write unchomprehensible laws, the most populism rise. The most EU tries to get solid, the most Putin’s and Trump’s action to sustain populism, grow stronger.

That’s the point. Italians have a blind sight when they are called to vote – exactly as British pro-Brexit did.

They simply go and vote the “thing” they judge the must “honorable” at that moment.They do refuse to think about consequences. They live and vote as if there’ll be no future. They live (and vote) for today. After that, they complain. And they love doing it.

Italy is the middle of huge economic challenges, but Italian citizens are impermeable to any kind of changement, they just want to live like that: they don’t care about the enourmous possibilities opened by technology, all they can do is “like” something on social network. They don’t use social for business because they don’t want to understand how they can make business with that. They don’t speak foreign languages. They don’t read. And these are just few ordinary examples.

Disgracefully we have plenty of them: for 25 years the economy has got worse and worse, the public finances have been squanded by illogical measures. We  don’t want to talk about the use the political power made of the bank system. In the meantime Italian slept.

And now Italy is going to be venezuelized by the Putin-Maduro-inspired populism in charge.

Just after the Genoa bridge collapse they start screaming looking for offenders – the joyously catholic sense of sin kills more people than a pandemic disease – and the gang of populists in power decided somebody has to pay for the tragedy: They consequently said they’ll ask to Austostrade spa – the society in charge for management and maintainance of italian public highways network – has to leave the place because they are guilty (no trial, no proof, no verdict).

That’s was been screamed. And If it’s been screamed it must be true.

Thats’ what they call politics. They forgot to tell Italian populists fans that in case Autostrade spa decided to leave the place after gang of populist’s decision to break the contract they will have about 20 billion euros in return because nobody (not even a governement) can simply break a contract just because somebody wake up in the morning and say let’s break it.

So let’s break Italy. Too…


(16 agosto 2018)

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