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Reported high risk of cyberattaks in Tokyo 2020’s Olympics

by F.F. #Tokio2020 twitter@gaiaitaliacom #EnglishNews   According to Japan Times daily news the japanese Public Security Intelligence Agency has warned against cyberattacks in an annual report  released on last Thursday said that cyberattacks may interfere with Olympic operations as prior host nations have become targets of such attacks in recent years. The report stressed that ...

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Russian soccer club fired congolese-roots-player because is black

by G.G. #Sport twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Russia     Young russian soccer player Berving Botaka-Yobama 19 yo, whose parents are congolese, is been fired by the soccer team Torpedo Moscow after some of the club’s fans unleashed outrageous racist reactions when the news of his signing appeared on newspapers. Supoportes let know the club, in their very peculiar way, they want only white soccer ...

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Swimmer Ryan Lochte suspended from competitions for 14 months

by Gaiaitalia.com #Sport twitter@gaiaitaliacom #Swimming     Superstar-swimmer Ryan Lochte “specialist” in gold medal at Olimpic Games and World Championships, is been suspended from compeion for 14 months for receiving a vitamin infusion in a quantity that violated USA Antidoping Agency rules Maybe now we know better why is such a fantastic swimmer-superstar. Or maybe ...

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