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Iran Theocracy publicly hanged man for being gay

by Ragazzi di Tehran #English twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #FreeIran   The Iranian news agency ISNA, reported a terrible news: on December 20, 2018, a man was publicly hanged in Iran – in the city of Kazeroon – on charge of sodomy. In the Iranian penal system “sodomy”, is the tipical charge used to condemn homosexuals. As well known, in the Islamic Republic ...

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According to Women.ncr-iran.org’s site 86 women executed in Iran under Rouhani

by G.G. #Iran twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Rouhani   According Women.ncr-iran.org‘s site citing datas collected from material published by the Iranian state-run press, human rights activists and their websites, as well as from private sources in touch with the Iranian Resistance, 86 women have been executed by Iranian theocracy under Rouhani’s tenure. The real number of executed women must be definitely higher, as ...

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Despite threats, thousand of Iranian are ready to celebrate the Cyrus Day

by Azadi #Iran twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #CyrusDay   Today Iran celebrates the so-called “Cyrus Day”, the day in which remembers the entering of Emperor Cyrus in Babylonia. Clearly, it is not an official celebration in Iran: as well known, the regime forbids any kind of celebration or anniversary, which remembers leaders not connected to the history of the Islamic Republic. Despite threats ...

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Iranian Attack against Kurdish Minority

by Azadi #FreeIran twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #humanrights     The Iranian Kurdish minority is again – bravely – protesting against regime’s oppression. Their protest arrived after two important facts: the execution of three Kurdish prisoners on September 8. The three were condemned to the death penalty and executed, despite serious concerns regarding the use of torture and forced confession against them; the Iranian ...

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