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European Union: Greece begins a new chapter following the conclusion of its stability support programme

by Gaiaitalia.com English #Greece twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #UE     Accordin to a press release published on the official UE site, the successful conclusion of the programme is a testament to the efforts of the Greek people, the country’s commitment to reform, and the solidarity of its European partners. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said: “The conclusion of the stability support programme marks an important ...

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More than 80,000 people demonstrated in Bucharest against Governement’s corruption and Police violence

by Alexandru Rotaru #Bucharest twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Romania     Last Friday, more than 80,000 people demonstrated in Bucharest, accusing the leftwing government of corruption and urging it to resign. Just after demonstrations Romania’s Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has written a letter to the EU describing the protests in Bucharest as an attempt to overthrow the government and defending the Romanian police that ...

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Vienna is the “most liveable city” in the world

by D.S. #Vienna twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #World     Having toppled Melbourne in the special reserved rank, Vienna won the gold medal and is the “most liveable city” in the world. Thwy must be proud. And happy. They will probably smile. If you can define smile that kind of grin Austrian put on their face when they want to show how happy they are. ...

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Italy, Two 13-yr-old boys behind shooting at Gambian migrant

by Gaiaitalia.com #English twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Racism       According to ANSA agency on august 9 two 13-year-old boys were found guilty of been behind insults yelled at a Gambian migrant and shots fired at him on August 2, according to Pistoia’s police department.  The incident occurred in the Tuscan town of Vicofaro, near Pistoia. Investigators say that the teenagers admitted ...

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Italy’s Interior Minister shuts ports to migrant rescue ship carrying women and children

by Gaiaitalia.com English #migrant twitter@gaiaitaliacom #newsinenglish     Italian Interior Minister in charge Mr. Matteo Salvini, leader of the far right populist party Lega Nord, said “No” and shuts port to migrant rescue ship carrying women and children, after Malta on Sunday  10th of june reiterated its refusal to open its ports to the NGO migrant rescue ship “Acquarius” which ...

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