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Mali’s president Keita wins re-election with 67% of vote

by Gaiaitalia.com English #Politics twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Politics     Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita won re-election with 67% of the vote in a run-off against opposition rival Soumaila Cisse. The result is been officialy confirmed by the Ministry of Territorial Administration on Thursday and published originally by Reuters.       (16 agosto 2018) ©gaiaitalia.com 2018 – diritti riservati, riproduzione vietata ...

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Kenya: We Need This Place to Build a Highway, so You Must Leave in Two Weeks

by Gaiaitalia.com #Kenia twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Africa     Kenya’s government decided to use bulldozers to destroy slums and build a highway. Justice? We didn’t hear about it. We just know, according to some news from the country, that authorities demolished about 30,000 people’s houses placed in the slum of Kibera because they decided they absolutely must build ...

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Eritrea-Ethiopia Peace Deal: New Hope or Old Abuses?

by John Dee #Africa twitter@gaiaitaliacom #English     After Eritrea and Ethiopia resumed diplomatic and commercial ties after 20 years of conflicts, war and undefined politics, and a sistematic violation of fundamental Human Rights, it seems Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy and Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki apparently found a solution for a new hope in the region ...

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