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“The Nature of Nature” an unique event in Venice on Nov 17th

by Ghita G. #Art twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Venice


This Saturday, the European Cultural Centre is hosting a round table discussion in Palazzo Mora, Venice. This unique event is bringing together the work and thoughts of seven individuals who hold a common interest in the metaphysics and physics of our existential envelopment amidst the vast realm of nature.

The table will be attended by Bill Price, Brown Endowed Chair of Architecture, PVAMU (USA); Chris Precht, Director and founder of Penda (Austria / China); Professor Ferdinand Ludwig, Technical University of Munich (Germany); Professor Frank H. Weiner, Virginia Tech (USA); Oliver Schütte, A-01 (Costa Rica / Netherlands); Professor Roberto Zancan, Geneva University of Art and Design (Italy / Switzerland) and Sergio Sanna, Ground Action and Land Works (Italy).

Questions will considered about the natality and futurity of nature’s nature across multiple scales of construction both visible and intelligible, spanning the boundaries between academies and projects. Works and ideas will be presented that are revelatory with respect to the nature of nature, including for example the idea of natura morte or still life. This doubling and quadrupling of nature is essential to find a place within the space-time of our existence. The idea of ‘dead nature’ or ‘still life’ holds a particular fascination and relevance. How can something be simultaneously still and alive?

As of 5.30pm, the roundtable will be followed by an exclusive lecture of Chris Precht. Chris will speak about his groundbreaking works with Penda and Precht, which are located at the borderline of nature and the built environment. In case you are interested in the event, we kindly ask you to confirm your attendance by e-mail: benedetta@ecc-italy.eu.



(17th november, 2018)

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