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Tunisia approved gender equality in inheritance law

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Is th first time in Arabic countries and it’s Tunisia to write history. The north african country’s cabinetthe first among Arab nations – approved on Nov. 25 the law of gender equality in inheritance. The law now must survive the attacks of the islamist conservative movement Ennahda during the discussion in tunisian parlament before being effective.

The law approved on Friday was suggested by the Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi in August 2017, on occasion of national women’s day and it’s been a very controversial law because permits to women and men to have an equal inheritance, contradicting the Coranic verse which states the share of women’s inheritance is half that of men’s. The law will also guarantee a freedom of choice between following the constitution or the Sharia Islamic law.

Essebsi said he based his legislative initiative on the Tunisian constitution which states that “Tunisia is a civil country that is based on three elements: Citizenship, the will of the people, and the supremacy of law”. The islamic conservative members of Ennahda Movement are furious and well prepared to fght against the law in Tunisian parliament.





(27th november, 2018)

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